Our History

Up until recently, Pixel Studio West was just an idea and a domain name, laying in wait.  Originally doing business as the San Diego Web Partners, we felt it was time for a change in our name for several reasons.

Since so many websites these days have been making the transition to accommodate smaller devices such as smart phones, and graphics continue to play a role, we wanted our new name to hint at this.  

First, with websites having to respond to many different devices these days, while remaining aesthetic, the term "pixel" (meaning the smallest element in graphics) came to mind.

Next, we wanted something in our name to reflect the artsy aspect of our  design experience in terms of websites and graphic design in general.  Naturally "studio" is what we were looking for.

Finally, our relocating to Vancouver, BC was certainly another reason.  Because from time to time we are in San Diego and Vancouver, we felt our name should better reflect both of these locations.  For us, the west coast (or just "west") fit the bill in this regard.

So welcome to our new website and new name, Pixel Studio West!